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Welcome to KingSlime & I. 
I decided to 'bite the bullet' & do this because of my dream to be a behavioural specialist (more on that in Blog 1). I want to help parents, teachers, children to navigate their way through the many aspects & colours of life with ASD, anxiety, school, social, learning support etc. I hope to be able to gradually arm you with strategies that you can try, for a variety of different scenarios. You're not alone in this.  I will work with you to find strategies that will work for you and your loved ones. If you think of something that may help another member, please feel free to share your knowledge and experiences with them.

If you have any questions, or would like some advice/help with any issue you're having, please feel free to post in the forum under my first post.

The other option for you is to email me at

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KingSlime & I

*Tree of life cake credit to Antoinette Low*
My name is Nadine. I have Spina Bifida & have an above knee amputation & now days, use a wheelchair full time. My son, who I'll call 'KingSlime' (you guessed it, he plays minecraft) is my heartbeat. He's gentle, loving, accepting, has a heart of gold &, like his mum, wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves American Muscle cars, technology,  coding, technology, drawing, technology, his pets... He's an amazing young man & I am fiercely proud of & blessed to be his mother. He just happens to be on the Spectrum, has mild Dyspraxia, anxiety & puberty is peeking around the corner......*Send wine & chocolate*.
Come & join us on our beautiful, colourful, confusing, hilarious, crazy journey through life! 

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